Essay on My Father Is A Mechanic

Essay on My Father Is A Mechanic

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I lived with my father for my entire life, but due to his work I did not spend much time with him. My father worked at a different city; and thus he comes home only a few times a month. My father is a mechanic. He works at a company that is distant from our home. This was due to the company being the only one and the first where cars were being assembled in Ethiopia. Sometimes on the weekends I used to go to his work place. He would give me a trip of the place; the station was filled with vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles. It was separated by sections. In each section there were only one type of vehicle and the assembly process was shown step by step. From a fuse to large engine of the car, components were getting attached.

In my time spending in those places, my father taught me many things. I remember as a kid sitting on the lap of my father, while I was holding the wheel and he was controlling the gas pedal. I asked him questions like “How does a car start?” He would answer in simple words by saying, “This car starts when we put the ignition key; the power from the battery reaches the small gears (starter motor) and the big gear (the flywheel) will meet, causing the fly wheel to start rotating: then the car starts. “How come when we step on the gas pedal the car starts moving?” “This actually happens by the clutch of the car, which is used to smoothly transfer power from the engine to the wheels. And if it is pressed forcefully, the gas pedal causes friction with the ground, making a noise. So that is why it should be stepped on gradually.” These trips not only made me learn about technology more, it made me develop a relationship with my father. This was a big triumph for me and I continued to go there. In my freshman and...

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...o endure, she was fulfilled seeing me getting educated. And as much as I can, I made her be proud of my grades. My mother has taught me to endure difficult times with resolve. Even though we didn’t have much, my mother has always had a smile on her face that made me never detect the stress that she was under. She always has told me to dream high and I will receive what I dreamt. I admire my mother and hope that in the future I can pass obstacles like my mom. From my mom’s experience and advice, I have received wisdom and knowledge that educators can’t teach me.

My parents always tried enrich me. They encouraged me to follow my dream. They risked their marriage and life just for me to grasp my goal. I didn’t get knowledge only from school, but most importantly from my parents. With the morals and ethics they instilled in me, they made the person that I am today.

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