My Father Has Had Many Different Experiences With Stereotypes Essay

My Father Has Had Many Different Experiences With Stereotypes Essay

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My father has had many different experiences with stereotypes throughout his life being in his life and in the work field. When I was about five years old my dad was fired because his boss was not to found of working with African Americans—males more particularly. It was one day where my moms’ car would not start one morning and my both of my parents were currently working at two local news stations. My dad drove the news van so since that was the only car, he took me to school in it. When he told his boss just as a precaution to show that he was not trying to be secretive and use the news company’s property outside of work, but his boss got very mad and fired him although he did nothing wrong. He did not break a rule and he was truthful with his boss when he could have said nothing, but his supervisor used that as grounds to be fired when ultimately, he just did not like working with a black man. My father filed a lawsuit against the supervisor and won because it was proven that he did nothing wrong and the supervisor just did not like him and he was fined and released from the company. This situation exhibits how my father was not being judged as and individual but as a stereotypical view that he was not responsible and was accused of misusing private property because he was “typical black man”.
Even different racial groups within themselves have their own stereotypical views of how they think the race or group should represent, be presented or thought of as a whole. Within different groups of African Americans, these views can be very broad depending on where you are within a state. Depending on where you are, people have different standards on what determines how black you are in a social aspect. One stereotype that is wildly ...

... middle of paper ... to the world. It is not always the easiest to have to encounter and deal with some of the world’s ways of trying to degrade my nationality and gender at the same time but I know that someone else always has less of an opportunity to achieve overcoming the all of the stereotypes and obstacles that the world brings. I undoubtedly do not believe that all individuals stand by the statement that “all men were created equally” but as Americans we all have opportunity. We all have the option to submit to prejudice stereotypes or try and do ones best as an individual and succeed beyond what society might try and classify ones place or rank based off of physical appearance, home life, or nationality. There will always be someone that would love to see ones dreams fail, but I just try to use the negativity as fuel for motivation down a successful pathway throughout my life.

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