My Father Died At The Beginning Of Summer One Year Essay

My Father Died At The Beginning Of Summer One Year Essay

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Royce Abela
My father died at the beginning of summer one year ago, the day before the start of my classes as a sophomore biology major. Sunday, May 10, Mother’s Day. Alone, in my hometown. He had a stroke and was found deceased the following morning by paramedics after not showing up to work that morning. He was going to take off work to come visit for a few days, too. My other came up a couple days earlier than my dad; she waited after I got out of my calculus class to call me. We drove down that afternoon, back to my hometown, my father waiting for my mother, brother and I, in order to say goodbye to him one last time.
I more than hate the thought of all this, let alone writing about the topic. I have never witnessed a single death in my family of any kind; just about all of the elderly in my family had passed away by the time I was born. So to me, my father was the first. Standing to the right, next to my brother, arm around my mother, I knew there was nothing I could do. The thought of one of the single closest people to me in my life, lifeless in front of me.
The days following were no better. Arrangements had to be made to get our lives back on track in the near future. Calls were made to billing companies, phone companies, any type of company that was in my father’s name. My brother and I took turns, have to give his information, over and over, to these people on the lines so that we would be able to change the name the accounts were under.
Three days later, I forced life to go back to normal, and I returned to the University of Florida to finally begin my summer classes. I didn’t dare tell a soul; it was a secret solely for me and those in my small hometown that had heard the news. But they were far away. He...

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...would go to the library every day, and I’ve gone almost every day since the start of fall semester. So my grades are much better, and therefore I’m having more time to dedicate to other social activities. I told myself I wouldn’t spread myself thin like I’ve always done, and this year I am an officer in two clubs and no more. I told myself I would make an effort to be better friends with my roommates, and we’ve watched the Gator football games together every weekend so far. And I told myself I wouldn’t let the denial of my financial aid eligibility stop me from being a graduate of the University of Florida, so I’m here writing this personal statement in order to get it back and put an end to all the detriment I have allowed myself to go through. I’ve made great strides in such a relatively short amount of time, and I going to continue at this pace, toward the goal.

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