My Father By Allan Earl Eustace Essay

My Father By Allan Earl Eustace Essay

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This is a story of my father, he is gone but he lives in spirit. He always told my sister, and I that he fell in love the day we were born. His name was Allan Earl Eustace. He was a hardworking man his whole life, and a little more than just a bit rebellious. There was this energy surrounding him that made him stand out. Long red-brown hair up in a bandana, with worn wranglers, and old steel toe boots. His face was scarred from many fights, and his hands rough with many years of labor. March 20, 1968 was his birthday, and he was just about the toughest cowboy around. You see, my sister and I, were his sons, and we can do just about anything same as boys. He took us to the ranch every chance he got, and we quickly followed suit in his cattle skills. Shoot, we learned how to ride a horse before we knew how to ride a bike. That was Daddy, mean, and lean. A strong proud working machine. He had a no joke personality, he believed if you ain’t eating, sleeping, or working, you should be looking for work. Our Daddy encourage us to be the best we could be, and to excel in everything we do. Every cross-country meet, every basketball game, and every honor roll dinner, Daddy was there.

Daddy didn’t stay with us long, after our Pa died. He was near ‘bout Daddy’s best good friend. Pa wasn’t Daddy’s real father, Pa was his grandpa, his daddy died long ago of a heart attack. I also remember Pa, he was old, and sweet. Pa always smelled of shaving cream, and horses. He adored us very much, and it took a big great piece of Daddy when he passed. My Momma loved Daddy an awful lot, but he was dead inside for a long time. He left, and for a long time, I hated him. I seen my momma struggle over the next three years trying to...

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...ddy told Sean to always take care of me no matter what, but he should know is that he will never take care of me the way Daddy did. Daddy pushed me through life, and encouraged me to keep living on here this earth. In the winter of 2013, not more than a year after Tyler, Daddy died. He died on December 20, 2013, in my arms at seven-thirty in the morning. It was a Friday. My father is my hero. He is everything I want to be, and what I want the father of my children to be like. I am glad Daddy had the opportunity to meet Sean, because Sean understands the expectations placed upon him by my guardian angel. It had been hard not hearing his voice wake me up every morning, or how hard it’s been to go to the ranch without him. All I know is that my father lead a good life, as a good provider, and a happy person. Allan Earl Eustace was my father, and I am damn proud of it.

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