Essay about My Father At The Mosque

Essay about My Father At The Mosque

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The year was 1994. It was like any other warm summer night. I was laying by my mother’s side on the only bed that we had, watching television and waiting for my father to return from his late outings. As I was cozied up between my mother and my younger sister, I heard the door slam as a male figure shadow started to emerge. I thought it was my father at first, but it was my paternal uncle, Abdul Rahman. I instantly froze up; he was an intimidating man in his early twenties who never seemed to be fond me or my family. Before I knew it, he came and grabbed my fragile six-year-old body and took me out of the room. Trembling, my mother built up the courage to ask why he was taking me. Expressionless, he replied “to teach him not to miss his prayers again”. That was enough for my mother to stop interfering. He took me out and asked me why I have not prayed at the mosque that day. I could not speak, I was terrified by the anger on his face and his threatening hand about to slap my face. Even if I wanted to, I didn’t know how to argue or defend myself. After all, I angered Allah himself, so I deserved to be punished for not compiling to God’s commands. I wanted to say that I forgot while playing, but I knew that was not a good enough reason. I had to try harder. Nevertheless, I knew it would not save my body from being beaten. So I kept my silence and anticipated the slap to come down and smack my face. That is when the abuse started.
As the tear rolled down my eyes, he told me told me that it was for my own good. At the time, he was pursuing a degree in Islamic Studies and would remind me of what the prophet Mohamed has said “command a boy to pray when he reaches the age of seven years. When he becomes ten years old, then beat him for...

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...rst grandchild in the family, and I was constantly reminded of that. I grow up fascinated by history, and in particular the prophet Mohamed’s life and character. His life was taught to us as early as I can remember. I idolized the man that was depicted as the finest of Allah’s creation. I have not met him, all what I knew about his are the stories that were transmitted to me. What I have read and heard about him made me firmly believe that he was the best man that ever walked on this earth, the ideal human being. He was described as this person who was so kind, generous, merciful, sympathetic, tolerant, fair and just. He had all the good qualities a person can think of. I contrasted him with everyone I knew, I thought that this how every Muslim should behave, this is how my family is ought to be, and before all this how I should lead my life by following his example.

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