My Fascination With Science Essay

My Fascination With Science Essay

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Why do I like science? Why is science so special to me? Why am I drawn to this particular investigative discipline more than all others? This fascination, maybe an obsession, to find out logical answers to why the world behaved the way it behaved, always stuck with me. Ever since I could read, I remember looking through whole bookshelves of science books, flipping through those pages filled with a cutaway diagram of the sun's core or drawings of animals from the primordial oceans, and always begging for more. My curiosity's craving never could be fully appeased: I always thought I would love to be a scientist, to be like one of those people in the pictures, to be divulging into the mysteries of the universe while donning their white lab coat. Remember those activities back in first grade when they ask you what you want to be when you grow up? My answer was always the same: a scientist, a job that no one thought was interesting but me.

Throughout elementary and middle school, however, circumstances were not particularly supportive of my passion. Although I was pretty excited about science class, my expectations always fell a bit short. From what I had read before, I already knew that the earth orbited the sun, that clouds are made of water droplets, and that traits were preserved in DNA to be passed down. The experiments did not help too much either. I already knew how to build a K'NEX vehicle. (Just look at the picture on the manual!) I already knew that mixing equal parts of red and yellow food coloring in water made orange water. (Even the back of the box says so!) I was not too impressed with these trite and mindless activities merely performed in hopes of placating the district superintendent. This didn't even begin to comp...

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...jump and find the rule, made chemistry my favorite class.

It is with these new feelings and enthusiasm for science that I seek out this new program, as a way to indulge my interests. This Monday, when I visited the lab and saw the apparatus and heard what it was used for, it reignited my investigative passion. I continue my yearning and have the sincerest hope that it will be satisfied. This program offers me a prospect to work with professional researchers, in an academically legitimate research project, at a professional level. It is a golden chance to work with similarly motivated individuals in a team that has much to offer me. It is that opportunity to start applying that rigorous science discipline I started learning a couple years ago. It is that one chance I have been waiting for, the dream on the edge of the horizon, which has been out of reach until now.

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