My Family 's Religion And Faith Is The Foundation Of The Way We Live Out Our Lives

My Family 's Religion And Faith Is The Foundation Of The Way We Live Out Our Lives

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Coming from a large family with lots of different and busy schedules, meal times vary by the day. We eat breakfast at our time because we all leave the house at different times in the morning. Lunch is also not eaten together because my parents both work, my older siblings and I work, and my younger siblings are at daycare during the day. However, after we all come back home for the night, we usually sit down and have a casual supper together as a family. (#9)
Religion is a very important part of my family and is highly valued. Coming from a Christian family, we attend church together each Sunday, pray before we eat our meals, thank God for everything we have, and read the Bible regularly. My family’s religion and faith is the foundation of the way we live out our lives. (#10)
My family can be classified as the typical white American middle class family. When it comes to language, my parents both only know English, so therefore, that is the language that is spoken in our household. During the elementary ages, we scratched the surface of the Spanish and Chinese languages, but did not continue our learning in high school. (#11)
After considering these questions, I realize just how much of a “typical family” I belong to. I also have assumed that most families operate similar to mine, but after reading chapter one and five of the text Doing Multicultural Education, it is clear to me that I will be encountering many different cultural backgrounds and family styles in my future. I also understand that I will not be able to continue all of the same ideas and concepts from my family into the classroom. I plan to educate myself on various family lifestyles along with cultures to become familiar with some of the different student’s backg...

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...acher I want to become, ‘content areas’ include a wide array of subject matter. I now hope to teach a curriculum that is multicultural and adaptive to all ethnic groups, socioeconomic classes, races, and religions. I also hope to provide my students with experiences that will make them become more aware to the world around them.
As I further my studies and prepare to become the best possible teacher, I must broaden my horizon when it comes to my own experiences. If I learn first handed what cultures value, what religions practice, and how certain ethnics groups and races live out their lives as “the minority” I believe that I will gain a much better understanding of today’s world. Reading about this in textbooks is a great tool to gain basic knowledge, but being able to personally experience a multicultural world myself would give me the best preparation for teachin

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