Essay on My Family 's Off Limits

Essay on My Family 's Off Limits

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Now that my sis back it was time to show these motherfuckers what I meant when I said my family 's off limits. I 've never been the type to talk a lot of shit I am an action type of guy. So as soon as Pinky woke up I hit up Darwin and let him know I 'd be in Jamaica in a few days, I was going to kill someone who 'd forgot that I wasn 't to be fucked with. The fucked up thing is this was the same motherfucker I broke bread with, the same motherfucker I had been boys with since kindergarten but this motherfucker violated my sister and used her up then left her hanging. That alone earned him a head shot, but he went and shitted on me and our brotherhood by kidnapping and nearly killing my baby sister. Everyday that she laid unmoving in a coma we made sure his ass was in pain and wishing he was dead. For three fucking weeks my sister was dead to the world and his ass was about to feel my wrath. I plan to chop this bastard up and feed his body parts to the piranhas. The only thing I hate about this is that I 'll be killing Lyric’s father. Even though she doesn 't know him as a father that 's just what the fuck his dirty ass was. Jock and those Jamaicans were some sick motherfuckers, they had this nigga chained up in a hut out in one of their marijuana fields. They gave him one meal a day and water, that was it, Jock wanted him alive and alert so he could feel everything that was happening to him. The twins weren 't tortured and even though they we 're locked in a room they were living comfortably, I have no idea why Pinky wants to protect them. They helped Pooch’s dumb ass so I felt they should receive the same punishment. I looked them up and yes they had a hard life but that doesn 't make me feel like sparing their lives. If they nee...

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...took over, all I wanted was peace and the love of my family. I heard them pull up so I told everyone to get into position, as soon as they walked in we yelled surprise. I thought Pinky would be happy and excited instead she screamed and cried like she was dying. Now as I was staring down the barrel of Jocks gun I started thinking about what Pinky had just went through, fuck maybe a surprise party wasn 't the best idea. Jock put his gun away and now had her in his arms trying to console her. Lyric was crying because her mom was crying. Shanice was crying, I 'm sure that 's because she was blaming herself while the glam squad were comforting her I went and picked up Lyric to calm her down. Jock scooped up Pinky and headed towards the stairs, Lyric and I went to help Shanice. Well I guess we should 've just ordered pizza and had a Netflix and chill kind of welcome home.

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