My Family 's Life Changed Essay

My Family 's Life Changed Essay

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Growing up, I was referred to as a 'spoiled bratt ' because my family could afford more things than most families. Most kids my age didn’t have a car, a pool, or horses, but most kids had their fathers around. I on the other hand did not. We could afford those things and live a certain lifestyle because of the sacrifices my father made. His family 's needs always came first, even in regards to his own life.

My father didn 't have an easy start in life. He had a kid at sixteen, another at eighteen, divorced at nineteen, married again and had two more kids by the age of twenty-three. Since he started having kids so early he joined the U.S. Army and served for twenty years. By the time he retired he was an E7, Sergeant First Class (SFC) and also, a Special Forces Medic.

The first time my dad deployed was right after September 11th. My family 's life changed forever that day. I was in the first grade and remember like it was yesterday. I was sitting in the computer lab with my class and all of a sudden my teachers ran in and cut all the televisions and computers off. The other kids in my class didn’t think anything of it, I mean we were first graders, but not me. I 've always had like a sixth sense for stuff like that. Anyways, I could hear their whispers, "They 've crashed two planes into the towers and the Pentagon. They think we are next." (Van Hooke). My mom checked us out fifteen minutes later. She tried to keep calm, but I could tell something was terribly wrong.

We got home and it was one of the best days I can remember as a kid. She made my favorite food, macaroni and cheese with hot dogs, and we played outside until night came. She was constantly checking her phone and I could hear her voice tremble every time she le...

... middle of paper ... and now she doesn 't want it. Research shows that about twenty percent of marriages fall apart within two years after spouse has been sent to war (Leonardo). Which is probably true for my parents. It was hard for my mom having my dad gone all the time, but the way the war changed and shaped him pretty much lead to the downfall. My mom didn 't know how to deal with my dad and my dad wouldn 't go get help.

People are quick to judge you based off of what you have or what you look like and don 't care to get to know you. I might 've been a spoiled bratt, but I earned everything I got. It came with a price though, not having my dad around was one of the hardest things my family has gone through. I wouldn 't change it for the world through. It made me a stronger and more reliable person. Without my dad 's deployments I don 't think I would be the person I am today.

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