My Family 's History : My Father 's Life Essay

My Family 's History : My Father 's Life Essay

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My family’s history can go as far back as the four fathers, but I was unable to get information that far back. Both my mother and father come from similar places, which come together to the point where I was created. My father has more history of moving around the nation than my mother and I has combined. They both have worked so hard to become physically, emotionally, and financially stable to give me a better future than they had to endure. With all the sweat, blood and tears, my family’s ancestral history will be an extensive and rough journey.
I will start off with my father’s side of the family, or also known as the Valdovinos. For this, I interview my father and two of my uncle’s from father’s side of the family. Everything starts off with my grandparents both being born in Jiquilpan, Michoacán, Mexico. According to my father “Your abuelo and your abuela were both children when they met, they have always been lovers since their youth” (interview). They both lived more than half of their lives in Mexico, even after having eight kids of their own. My father, being the fourth of the eight born, he has always been the one to be around my abuelo. By the time my father was 18, him, my abuelo, and my two oldest uncles decided to move to the United States leaving the rest of the family behind in Mexico.
My father, abuelo, and two uncles all had to cross the border that connects the United States and Mexico illegally in search of a better future. When they first arrived to the United States, they moved to the northern states such as Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan. Since they were here illegally they were only allowed to work on farms in fields, to get enough to save and bring the rest of the family from Mexico. “Your father ...

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...riela, and yours truly Manuel. Before I was born my parents moved into various apartments back and forth, but they couldn’t find the right place to call home. Until one day after my sister’s baptism, my father surprised my family and everyone else with a brand new home that he had under his name. A year and half past by and on May 22, 1997 I was born and I was known to be the best baby ever.
My family history can centuries back and I would love to be informed of where exactly I come from. But from what I know thanks to my interviews with family, I am perfectly fine with where I am from and knowing I have one of the hardest working families ever. I am blessed to be able to attend college with the help of my family. Know how much they did and will continue to do for me pushes me to continue my family history so I can answer interview questions from future generations.

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