My Family 's Continuous Lecture And Dissatisfaction Essay

My Family 's Continuous Lecture And Dissatisfaction Essay

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The frigid January air did nothing to limit the rage seeping out of every inch of my body. It flabbergasted me that I still had the self-control to keep myself from lashing out at my family. My nails dug deep into my hands, hidden behind the pockets of my sweater while using every ounce of strength and sanity to hold back. Every step that I took wanted to turn to a running start; a need to run away from everyone 's voice. I wanted to scream and holler at my family for their ignorance. What do they know about being a student in a specialized high school in America? How can they understand what I 'm going through when they never stepped into my shoes? They can never empathize with me and that 's because I 'm different, even if slightly. My parents, my aunt, my uncle; they all grew up in China, an entirely different world.
My family 's continual lecture and dissatisfaction pricked me as we kept walking home during the otherwise beautiful night. The school had sent a letter home, expressing their concerns after I failed physics. My entire family lingered on my failure, I wasn 't too keen on accepting their criticism at the moment. The issue at hand seemed to affect my aunt more than anyone, she lectured me the most. "We aren 't even giving you that much pressure. All we ask is that you do well in school, the school 's going to kick you out if you don 't pass and keep your grades up! That 's how prestigious schools keep up their reputation." She had her hands in her pockets as well, is it the icy wind? Or can it be that she is trying to hold back from slapping my face?. Damn, she doesn 't understand anything. This is America, not China; high schools don 't just kick students out when they fail one class in their junior year. Moreover...

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... America to give me a better chance; as kids, they worked on farms and was never able to experience the luxury I am able to have now. Distressingly, my family doesn’t seem to grasp the simple truth that being in a child of immigrants America has its own hardships. My family frequently says, “Exceptional grades are essential for an adequate college to accept you.” With the language barrier obstructing my path, it’s arduous to reach for excellence in school. After thinking, I then noticed that silence embraced us for a few short minutes and during this limited peace, I noticed my aunt’s breath and decided to talk before she had the chance to initiate her discourse. “It’s my fault for failing, I promise to study harder and get my grades up.” Everyone seemed to ease up once I told them that I would do better. Though I hate to admit it, their scolding was for my own good.

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