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My Family : My Sister Essay

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I was born on April 6th, 1994 around nine o’clock at night. My sister was the one that convinced my parents to have another child, because she really wanted a little sister. I am the youngest of two and will always be seen as the baby in the family. I have had a very good life so far, with few big experiences that have helped develop into how I am today. Some of the major parts that have impacted me are; adding two other members into my family, having codependent tendencies with my best friend, the summer of 2014, and going to individual and group therapy.
When I was a senior in high school, my Uncle Samuel asked my father to help take his two children out of the foster care system. I had heard of my Uncle Sam from North Carolina, but I never knew he had children or that he was married. Despite my immediate family, my family is not very close with my other family members. My mother’s family lives in Mexico and I have never had any contact with any of them. My dad’s part of the family is mostly in Texas, but we are not close with them either. So my family of four was secluded, but our lives changed when my two younger cousins came to live with us. My uncle was sent to Mexico after his wife had him arrested because she claimed he “abused” her and her older daughter. However, these allegations were proven false, but it was too late. My uncle was deported and his wife brought her daughter and my cousins to California. While they were here, my uncle’s wife started using drugs and could not take care of her children any longer. The State of California took my cousins and their older sister to different foster homes. I first met my cousins a year later when they were allowed a family visit with their mom. It was very strange meeting fa...

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...crying all the time and yet again I felt helpless. I didn’t know how to comfort her or what to say to make her feel better. I had no one to talk to about these feelings and so I just kept them in. I was extremely scared that she would try anything again and at night I always had to have my phone with me just in case she needed me. If Jocelyn ever did leave me a message or voicemail, my thoughts would automatically think something horrible happened. My anxiety would spike and I had no idea had to control it or what to do. I had no idea that her wellbeing affected mine so much. I didn’t even have a word for my co-dependency until I took HUSR 415 and realized I had those symptoms. This was the first situation I realized how invested in Jocelyn’s life I was and realized I had to stop. My co-dependency was affecting my life and unknowingly something big was coming my way.

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