Essay on My Family, My Sister And My Dad

Essay on My Family, My Sister And My Dad

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As a child my life was pretty normal. I had friends, my sister, and lived in a two parent home. The only thing that I struggled with was seizures.
When I was about four years old I was playing around with my sister and my dad. He was teaching us a trick on how to flip. We would squat down with our legs spread apart and our arms in between. Then he would pull our hands upward and we would flip. It was pretty fun for my sister and I. My dad continued to flip us, eventually he became tired and told us that was it he could not take it anymore. However, my sister and I wanted to keep going. So my sister, who was only seven, and I decided we could try it ourselves. Not the best idea given our small height difference. Anyways we gave it a try. I squatted down and put my hands between my legs and my sister pulled. When she pulled my head went down and instead of flipping I ended up banging my head against the ground. As soon as I could registered what happened I sat up straight and screamed bloody murder. My father ran to see what happened. Fortunately, there was no blood running down the side of my face. After a ice pack and a few hour of my mother consoling me I felt fine. That night I had did my regular nightly routine and went to bed. I found myself a few hours later shaking but yet restricted. I tried to scream out for my parents however, nothing came out. I tried my hardest to make it shift myself closer to the wall to make some kind of noise by hitting the wall so someone could hear me. What felt like ten minutes later, may have only been a minute my sister heard the noise and ran into my room. I am not sure how horrific seeing someone having a seizure is, especially someone you love, but my sister screamed to the top of her lungs...

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... stay in my wheelchair if I had to go somewhere. A week later I was able to walk and swiftly discharged and sent home with medications to take.
Since then I have had seizures every four to five years. This has handicapped me throughout my years. When I was in grade school I was not able spend the night over my friends house in fear that I would have in episode. Now in view of the fact that I have seizures at my age I have not been able to stay in my own apartment and had to move back home. Yet and still at the age of twenty doctors still do not know or understand what cause my seizures however I still have them. My parents and I always speculate that it was the traumatic day that I pound my head into the ground but that is only speculation. Until I am fully recovered from whatever happened I constantly take medicine and have to be under a watchful eye at all times.

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