My Family: Life in Rural America Essay example

My Family: Life in Rural America Essay example

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As a child growing up in a rural county, I didn’t have soccer practice or dance recitals; no play dates or playgrounds. I had trees to climb, woods to explore, bikes to ride and adventures to be had. I had bare feet in the grass, wincing on the gravel driveway, rocks digging into my soles. I had walnuts to crush, plums to eat, flowers to pick, bugs to catch. I had my little brothers to bug me, my mom to take care of me, my dad to laugh with me and my grandparents to hold me. I had books to read, worlds of words to get lost in. I had Saturday morning cartoons, Sunday morning church, and fireflies to catch every night.
The world I grew up in was small, a close-knit rural area without street lights or sidewalks. Doors were left unlocked and everyone knew each other and, more likely than not, was kin to each other. Men gathered at the store every morning for coffee and news, families went to church picnics and family reunions. Everyone was Catholic and (almost) everyone went to church on Sunday. When the neighbor’s son was arrested and when the school bus driver was diagnosed with cancer, everyone knew. When a family was faced with medical bills they couldn’t afford, there would be a benefit at the church gym; everyone would donate what they could and enjoy dancing, eating, and drinking into the night. Every Saturday my mom and grandma and I would ride 20 minutes into town; groceries from Kroger, a quick stop at the post office and the library, then to Wendy’s for fries and hamburgers. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this quiet little town and the people that lived there would forever influence me, and the person I would become.
Unique Family Characteristics
My family’s earliest traceable ancestors came to the USA in the 1600...

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...tent effective services. Increasing my self-awareness is another method for ensuring that my own personal, familial issues do not negatively impact clients. Becoming aware of potential pitfalls is the first step toward addressing and preventing such issues from arising.
My family is like many others in that we have our problems and difficulties as well as our own unique strengths and abilities. Past generations and the environmental context have influenced each individual’s development and growth, mine included. Through a thorough assessment of my family’s characteristics and dynamics, I am better able to understand my own beliefs and behaviors. This concept can also be applied to the families I work with. Through increased self-awareness and understanding of my own history, I am better able to provide competent, effective services as a social worker.

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