Essay on My Family Is An Average American Family

Essay on My Family Is An Average American Family

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In today’s society, my family would be considered an average American family. Our house is very mediocre with brown bricks and a white fence surrounding our backyard. We are located in a small town called New Lenox, which is in southern Illinois. My parents were not connected through either of their families; they first locked eyes on the Metra train while commuting to work. In that day and age, there was no such thing that either of them was required to do to get connected to each other’s families. As we talked about in class, brides and grooms had to give certain services and money in order to gain good relationships with each other. Now, they have been together for a little over twenty-four years with three daughters and a dog. Amira, my oldest sister, just graduated from Bradley University and is living at home while driving to her job every day. Adrianna, the middle child, is a sophomore nursing student at Bradley University and she is living on campus during the school year and at home in the summer and on breaks. Before my parents had kids they both worked full-time jobs in Chicago. My dad still works downtown, but when my mother had children she quit to raise my siblings and I.
My family lives in a neolocal household. According to the glossary that was given to us on Sakai, neolocal is defined as a pattern of post-marital residence where the new couple is expected to set up their own household, separate from either of their extended families. After my parents got engaged and moved into an apartment together. They separated from our extended families allowing them to be on their own. They really broke free when they had kids because that is when they moved farther away into the house that we live in today. Since only my ...

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...cause of all of the positive factors that it provides for us. My family and those that are similar to us do very well in the suburbs because we are not tied to family and land as much as we would be in a different kind of society. Children have the opportunity to grow up and get educated without having to think about supporting a family farm, etc. Living in the suburbs can provide a lot of advantages in prices and it is better suited for raising a family. Another advantage for living in our type of society is that it allows an easier access to a good job that will provide a decent amount of money that will serve to help all family members without any extended help. Overall, living in the suburbs of urban surroundings is the most beneficial for families. My average American family is able to flock and adapt the best when they grow up in these kinds of environments.

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