My Family Is A Community Essay

My Family Is A Community Essay

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Since I consider my family a community, I gathered photos that relate to the most important concepts my family and I surround ourselves with and involved in. My family is based on traditions, so most of the time if one person in my family participates in an activity the whole family participates in the activity too.
My first photo is a picture of our sign at our church. This picture is significant to how my family is a community because all of my family’s interests and values formed from Godly beliefs. In addition to the fact that generations of my family has attended this small town Baptist church for generations and generations. A family is held together by these beliefs and values formed over time and without them we would be separate individuals and not a community “growing” together. Even though some family members may live far away and may not be considered living in our community, they are family regardless, and we are bonded to each other through the traditions and values that we have been taught from the day we were born. To overcome this small situation of some relatives living far away, we all make special occasions to reunite and have family bonding time at least five times a year.
The second picture I chose was a picture of some of my relatives and me from our recent family reunion. This is one of the times that my family all gets together as a group and just enjoys family bonding time. Every July, my family hosts a family reunion for two days involving a golf tournament, pool party, catered dinner for pool party, and then finally the most important event of it all, the Sunday lunch. This Sunday lunch is no little thing. This requires three full length tables with dishes after dishes of delicious home cooked recipes...

... middle of paper ... literally at the top of the mountain. These times are more than just relaxation though, it is another occasion where we as a family get together and just bond.
Being a part of my family is something that I always want to be a part of; they are who I am, and who I want to continue to be as I age. From my family, I have learned the traditions and values that define my character. I am always going to be my mother’s “sweetie” and my father’s “princess.” I will indefinitely want to be a part of my family because I know they will constantly be there for me. Through thick and thin, my family will be a part of my blood, therefore a part of my identity, thus being the community I will forever be a part of. The pictures I have chosen represent that aspect of my community, and are listed in order of relevance in which I feel is most important to the beliefs and interests.

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