My Family Cultural Identity Of The Mississippi Delta And Coming From An Immigrant Family

My Family Cultural Identity Of The Mississippi Delta And Coming From An Immigrant Family

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Growing up in a small, rural town in the Mississippi delta and coming from an immigrant family played a significant role in tuning my affinity for psychology. In my community, most of my peers were familiar or related to one another and the cultural values and customs that I grew up with were discordant from what my peers valued. Because of this discrepancy, respecting my immigrant cultural identity while simultaneously avoiding the negative social influence of my peers was often a very difficult task. The voices of my parents still resonate in my ear as they would say, “We came to America, young and alone, in order to take advantage of the opportunity for a higher education, just to make the foundation of life easier for you.” By my parents inculcating this advice, I progressively became resolute about respecting my family values that emphasized excelling academically and treating others with deference. However, when the majority of my peers were antithetical to my attitude towards school or others, the comfort of a few close friends made my social environment more tolerant.

While pursuing a B.S. in psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi, my psychology courses kindled a curiosity in youth psychological development, and I became cognizant of many unanswered questions that I had as an adolescent. Periodically, I pondered questions such as, “What characteristics of my friends helped assuage the concerns of my social environment? “Why did a large number of my peers not appreciate the morals that were important in school or as a well-rounded person? Was it because of their home or neighborhood environment, peer pressure, personality, or a biological disposition such as raging hormones and an underdeveloped prefrontal c...

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... its interpersonal criteria.

By applying to Pennsylvania State University, I will be taking the proper steps that will prepare me for an aspired career in academia. I believe Penn State’s program which focuses on the integration of science and application will help me achieve my ultimate goal of teaching at a university and contributing research to the field of clinical psychology and public policy. If selected as an incoming student, I would like to make professional connections and establish amiable relationships with my mentor, colleagues, and department staff. Finally, as a scholar and a community leader, one of the best ways I can help advance my career and the understanding of children and adolescents’ development is through research, and I plan to have the opportunity to establish myself in the clinical psychology program at Pennsylvania State University.

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