Essay about My Family Comes From Guatemala

Essay about My Family Comes From Guatemala

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I was born in Houston Texas, but my family comes from Guatemala, sadly my

Grandparents coming from my dad 's side are not living anymore. But I had the privilege to meet my grandpa. I remember talking to him about his past, he grew up as an orphan, his parents passed away when he was a baby. He basically grew up by himself so that led him to make bad decisions when he was young. As he grew up he didn’t know about God and he had never had that feeling of being loved by a family. My grandpa told me how he was involved in drug trafficking and many other stuff that he wasn’t really proud of. But one day he met God and decided to give up his way of living. My grandpa gave up his old life style and gave his life to Christ. He became the pioneer of the Adventist church in the town where he lived at. In his hometown there where there were no Adventist churches because nobody didn’t even know about it. The town was mostly filled with Catholics. It’s amazing to see how God changed his life and ever since then he was a man of God till the day that he passed away. Thanks to that, my dad was bor...

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