My Family At The Door Essay examples

My Family At The Door Essay examples

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From the beginning, my family was a happy one; a typical urban family. Until the day my father left. Now my father wasn 't a deadbeat dad, he was there throughout my whole development from a baby to a seven year old child. It just was one dreadful day when immigration decided to take him away. I still remember that day so vividly as if it’s been played back to me repeatedly for years.
I was having lunch with my father and my little brother that day. We heard an unwavering knock on the door. The persistent knocking brought to my father’s attention, he smiled at me and my brother and then he opened the door. I would’ve never imagined this smile will be the last one I received in a long time. There were two Caucasian men at the door. I don 't remember focusing on their physical features so their faces were distorted to me. I do remember their no nonsense manner and their black unruffled suits. “Mr. Akinduro?” His baritone voice filled every crevice of the room.
“Yes, that 's me,” my father said reluctantly.
“We need you to come with us for a little bit.”
The man smiled at me but it didn 't touch his eyes. My father hesitantly stepped away from the door and left to get a suitable shirt and shoes. As he passed me he whispered “Take care of your little brother for me. Ok, Princess?”
“Ok,” I was perplexed. I still didn 't understand where he was going.
As the unknown man pulled the door closed I yelled “Where is he going?”
He uttered a four word lie that I will remember for my whole lifetime “He 's coming right back.”
The hardest part was having to explain to my little brother that my father was gone. That same night I remember all of my siblings and my mother in one room, and that 's when we received a call. I just rememb...

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...ned many things. One thing I learned is the obvious universal lesson of every struggle story "Never give up". But a lesson I will never forget is what my mother taught me "Dan òkun ko ṣe ti o dara sailors" meaning smooth seas don 't make good sailors. People may say you went through so much in your life how does that not affect you? My answer will be everything I went through I won 't be able to count them using only my hands. My struggles will forever define me, each struggle left a scar on me. My scars doesn 't alter: my beauty, or intelligence, or even my identity. It enhances it. I am a soldier I have went to war countless times with hardship. I 've won some battles and lost some but because of these struggles I have became a stronger me. I am not a veteran because I 'm still fighting these battles constantly today. Each time I go to war I grow as an individual.

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