Essay on My Family and Education Led me to LSMSA

Essay on My Family and Education Led me to LSMSA

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My world has been based on the philosophy that education and family are the most important things and everything else will fall into place if you maintain these. Being the son of two Indian immigrants my life and upbringing has been much different from that of my friends and peers. Growing up both of my parents have always had big hopes for my future and maintained that I would be successful in accomplishing my life goals.
Both of my parents immigrated to the United States in the 1980’s and had many hardships before they settled down in Lake Charles, Louisiana. While my father finished his college education, my mother held two jobs working for different fast food restaurants to support the two of them. Once my father completed his education he obtained a job as lab technician for a major chemical company. The difficulties my parent’s experienced when they began their lives in the United States made them promote education throughout my childhood so I would not have to be in their same situation.
Throughout my school I had excellent grades and I felt as though I wa...

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