My Experience Working in a Group as a Group Essay

My Experience Working in a Group as a Group Essay

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Working together with other people for an assignment can be a challenging task in some cases but luckily, I worked well with my group members. The decisions we made were anonymous although we paced ourselves individually when it came to completing our separate parts of the essay. As a group I believe that we connected well on an interpersonal level as all four of us were able to make alterations to any problem together . Furthermore, we did not give each other a chance to get angry at one another as we knew that this would only cause conflict that would disrupt our flow as a group. There was an equal divide in the amount of work that we all did; our contributions were fair and no one was lacking behind. In addition, my group members were great at keeping each other informed if one of us were not able to attend a group meeting; emails were sent out informing us what we missed and ideas that were formulated. Everyone in my group worked according to deadlines and in synchronization with each other; we did not have to nag anyone to complete work or wait on a member to complete their task.
As a group, we were able to brainstorm and formulate themes together so everyone knew what the other member was writing about in order to avoid last minute confusion. Global expansion was the theme that I was most interested in and I expressed that to my group which they had no problem in allowing me to write about in the essay; our interests did not conflict as a group. I personally wanted to write about same day delivery as a theme, although I was made to realize by my group members that there were no articles strong enough to support the trend which made complete sense, thus the idea was dropped. The themes present in the report and the structur...

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... have to be combined to create one big idea and this is where group dynamics comes into play. Employees have to be interpersonal with each other and trust one another's opinions in order to move together as a team when promoting the retailer's brand as one whole. It goes without saying that as technology develops, the retail industry will innovate and emerge with new sectors, brands, products, and services to provide for the growing needs of consumers and the emerging economy. There will always be an increase in emerging themes as the priorities of consumers change from one generation to another. Lastly, the most important thing that I would take with me to work experience is the motivation and encouraging; I will constantly encourage any of my team members when they require it and give them good constructive feedback that they can later implement into their work.

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