Essay about My Experience With The Field Of Psychology

Essay about My Experience With The Field Of Psychology

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Since my early childhood, I developed a passion for the field of psychology that motivated

me in procuring a set of diverse skills and experiences. I grew in a joyful family with few

troubles, and my father and mother lived in a happy relationship. Yet, I realized that many

other relatives, including some of my friend’s families are struggling to experience the same

amount of contentment with family relation as myself. Initially, I chose to incline my field of

expertise towards psychology by enrolling to the Renin University of China. This experience

showed great results as I noticed a significant improvement in my perception of the human

behavior from where I started analyzing every possible person developing various scenarios

of counselling their issues. As a result, attending a foreign university exposed me to a variety

of cultures, traditions and values and it groomed me as a diverse person ready for new

challenges and open to innovative ideas.

After graduating from the RUC I started working as a manager at Rohm Semiconductor

(Fortune Global 500 Company), which played a vital role in sharpening my skills of dealing

with people in an appropriate way, particularly practicing my psychology skills on the

employees that I managed. Consequently, the experience as a manager shaped e as a leader

and enabled me to carry out various tasks programmed to help communities with dealing

with their social issues. After a certain time passed, I earned a promotion to the department

manager based on my hard work and consistency. So my work experience shaped me up for

going further with my studies, and this is why I chose to study at University of La Verne

Marriage and Family Therapy masters program.

This pa...

... middle of paper ...

...nternational Academy, University of Southern California) to

improve my English proficiency. I have actively participated in class discussions, interacted

with teachers and students, and finished two courses with GPA of 3.79/4.00 respectively.

Although at first I stayed low profile without interacting actively, after some time I improved

my communicational attitude and became one of the leading discussion initializers of the


Overall, thanks to my family and friend’s support in taking such an affluent decision of

advancing my studies of psychology, I improved my creativeness and optimism. Therefore, I

have fully adapted to American life of learning so I can concentrate on academic studies and

become an expert by providing people with valuable services and contributing their efforts

for the harmonious development of their marriages and families.

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