My Experience With The Faculty At Byuh Essay

My Experience With The Faculty At Byuh Essay

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This interview was a great chance to earn some wisdom from the teachers who were once in our position. The faculty at BYUH is exceptional in terms of their teaching, experience, and personality, and it is great to be able to interact with them. For my interview, I spoke with sister Wallace and had a lovely experience learning about her life in TESOL. She expressed her feelings on teaching languages other than English, her experience at BYUH, and her general attitude towards teaching.
To start the interview, I asked if she had always planned to be an English teacher, her response was affirmative, and that she always had a desire to teach. This intrigued me since she continued to say that she had changed her major a couple times before settling on TESOL. She added that TESOL was a new concept when she studied it, but it fit along with her life goals. Along with teaching English, sister Wallace has also taught; French, Spanish, Japanese, and Maori. She thought it was especially cool that “TESOL can apply to teaching any language”. Sister Wallace was enthusiastic about the way TESOL helps prepare a student for teaching in any language since the methods, techniques, and approaches can be applied wherever. While teaching in New Zealand she had decided to move when the ESL movement first began, which was unfortunate for her colleagues since she held a degree in teaching English. This allowed her to experience teaching and follow some of her other passions as well.
Even though sister Wallace has had many passions and experiences in lots of areas, her adventures led her back to BYUH. To continue the interview, I wanted to learn more about her experiences while teaching at this school. In response to her favourite part about teach...

... middle of paper ...

...EIL tutoring program. In addition, I didn’t expect to learn about her teaching ventures into other languages which has inspired me to consider the possibility one day teaching Chinese in Canada. Also, I felt it is important to note that even though sister Wallace always knew she wanted to teach, she still changed her major more than once. Another thing I learned was that making a lesson plan is imperative to the success of a lesson, but that doesn’t mean it has to be too fancy or complicated. Sister Wallace showed me hers, and how she uses it during the class. I know lesson plans are very important, but I have always struggled with either being too in depth or too basic. It is comforting for me to know that such an amazing teacher has always been open to flexibility in her lesson plans. This interview has been beneficial in my development as a trainee teacher.

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