My Experience With The Education System Essay

My Experience With The Education System Essay

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I reside and was raised in the United Kingdom and, while my experience with the education system was not all bad, it was also not great. I have always felt incredibly frustrated and let down by the currently established formal education system – from primary through to university – which I think just does not understand what comprises a good education.
My dissatisfaction is very much related to what Dr Hargreaves touches upon in the first part of her interview, when she refers to the education system not being very good at teaching students ‘to live together’ and ‘to be’. ‘To know’ and ‘to do’ the education system handles just fine, but ‘to live together’ and ‘to be’, a.k.a. the teaching of the social and emotional intelligences of everyday life, are something I experienced very little off throughout my progression in the formal education system.
I believe that it is the ‘to live together’ and the ‘to be’ which separates the proactive problem solvers of society from the drifters of society. I hate to use the term, but by ‘drifter’ I am referring to individuals who do not know what they want to do with their lives and even when they do settle on something, they still seem lost and dissatisfied. And the reason they still seem lost and dissatisfied is because they never figured out who they were, what it was they wanted to do with their lives and realised their larger potential as a result… because they were never educated how to go about doing this (and this was me for a couple of years).
Being an educator is fine for teaching the ‘to know’ and to do’, but if you want to teach the ‘to live together’ and the ‘to be’ then I believe you also have to be a teacher-coach hybrid. Ultimately, I think this is where the currently establish...

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... be’ and the ‘how to live together’. These are not two things you can so much as teach, but rather they are intuitive understandings the coachucator needs to draw forth from within the student, as the student is increasingly encouraged and empowered to take charge of their own education and life direction. The student needs to be empowered to digest as much as is useful to their life goal from the established formal education system and then to use additional education resources, such as online courses, to fill in the blanks later. More than likely, this will be a process dispersed across the many years of a constantly evolving career. Ultimately, the education system needs coachucators to enable students to become proactive problem solvers who can take charge of their education, because their lives will flourish as a result… and so too will the following generation.

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