My Experience With Playing Softball Essay

My Experience With Playing Softball Essay

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I have participated in softball since I was old enough to swing a bat. I began to play t-ball when I was four years old and I have continued to play up to this day at eighteen years old. I have always enjoyed the sport even when times got rocky and frustration got the best of me. To me, softball was a great way to get my exercise, relieve stress, and meet new friends along my journey. Playing softball has taught me patience (as much as I could handle), it encouraged me to better myself as a player, teammate, and myself. I have developed many leadership skills that I would not have learned without this sport. I understand how to stand fair along with loyal in and out of the game. I have adapted to change and differential situations; as my ability grows, my coaches’ change, and the teammates have disputes. I have learned over my years of playing that winning is NOT the most essential need, it is how you feel after a game, during a huddle, or finishing up a practice. Optimism is another superb quality I gained from softball. Having a negative attitude during a game discourages all o...

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