Essay on My Experience With My Phone

Essay on My Experience With My Phone

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My experience with this technology has been very interesting. Growing up I didn 't use technology alot since I spent more of my time outside or reading. I didn’t not really have a smart phone until my senior year of high school, so it didn’t play that big of a factor in my life. When I did get a Smartphone it wasn’t a big deal to me I treated it the same way that I treated my other phone. To me it was nothing special and I felt there was better things to do. I wasn 't a big fan of social application unless they were games or tumblr. When I got the I phone 6 that when I really started to be invested in my phone. Now a day’s My phone is my life everything I need is on my phone , from when my school work is due to all the contact I need. To me it really does make a difference in my life because it seem know that I am always connected to my phone which is a nasty habit. I can remember one time my friend asked me what I would do without my phone and honestly I would be completely lost without it. Application is probably the reason that I use my phone so much, it helps me with my ...

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