My Experience With My Childhood Essay

My Experience With My Childhood Essay

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In today 's generation many kids live without one or both of their biological parents. It can be a struggle only having one parent. Kids must overcome this struggle no matter how hard it may seem. My struggle has been unique for myself and my family, I have been misled many times during my childhood, how I have dealt with it in recent years and what I have learned in my struggle.
As a six year old girl it can be hard to bear the fact that you have no one to turn to. I have struggled with so many things, but I have struggled with this the most. My parents Jeana and Terry got divorced when I was four, however I do not really remember it. The thing I struggled the most with is not being able to see my mom, because she was the only woman figure I had, to teach me how to put on makeup, to do my hair, just to be a girl in general. Eventually, I got used to the struggle and learned to be strong by having my aunt and cousin guide me through the things I needed a female figure for.
Being six years old and not being able to see my mom, was the most fearful thing. My mom got married to an...

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