Essay about My Experience With My Active Listening Skills

Essay about My Experience With My Active Listening Skills

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In applying the skills to a case scenario, I found it difficult to focus and use my active listening skills. I do know that in an ideal situation, I will more than likely be one on one with my client and will generally conduct the interview in a quieter atmosphere, allowing me to focus better on what the client discloses. However, with continuous practice I believe I will be able to overcome becoming distracted by background noises.
What skills do you feel you performed well?
Overall I feel I preformed most of the skills well considering I interview caregivers of sexual assault survivors daily. The tone of voice exercise was one I feel I did extremely well. With my current job, I learned early on that tone of voice is very important. As a social worker, we work with many clients that come from all walks of life. These individuals are oftentimes vulnerable and they trust us with information they never share with even their closest family members. Therefore, I believe it is highly important to be cautious of your tone of voice when working with your clients because it is not always what you say to individuals, but oftentimes how you say.
In the case scenario exercise, I feel I did particularly well on the “getting started” exercise, the reflection statements, and attending behaviors. I was able to cover all areas of the “getting started” exercise except I failed to tell my client what to expect from her session.
When practicing reflection, I received positive feedback from Professor Ashmore about how well I paraphrased. This is an important technique I learned during my undergraduate studies. Due to the nature of my work, I understand the importance of documenting accurate and complete notes; therefore, I consistently practi...

... middle of paper ... referred to them as victims of sexual abuse. However, I am eager to provide my colleagues with updated knowledge about professional terminology and incorporate it in my daily language.
What can you do to develop these areas?
In order to develop in the areas mentioned above, I will practice, practice, practice the skills I have learned with the clients I interact with at my place of employment. If I have questions regarding any skills, I will email or schedule an appointment to speak with Professor Ashmore via telephone. I will continue to review information from the textbook and use it as a study guide along with the notes and handouts I received from the Skills Building Weekend Class. I have also begun to utilize the reflection skills in my daily conversations with family and friends, and I will continue practicing these skills until they become natural.

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