My Experience With Mla Style Format Essays

My Experience With Mla Style Format Essays

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Since the beginning of the semester, the English language has been a continuous struggle for me to grasp and comprehend. Due to my parents having no prior knowledge of the language, my only source of learning was based off of entertainment medias such as the television, radio and video games. However, ever since the start of the semester in August, my knowledge in the English language has improved over the course of the semester. Concepts such as the adherence to MLA style format, citing specific evidence and even using reader-friendly words are all techniques I have developed and mastered over the course of the semester since the beginning of the semester.
The MLA style was a writing format I was familiar with since high school. Although I was familiar with the style, I did not pay much attention to details as I thought it was a special way of formatting an essay. Over the course of the semester, my exposure to the MLA style has helped me understand the purpose of the format. A recent example of my experience with MLA style was writing an interview with my teacher and how the television played a role in his life. Unfortunately, the way the interview was written on my essay was mediocre as I did not have a clear thesis within my introduction nor proper organization with my sources. After a couple of revision meetings with my FYS professor, my thesis is more noticeable as seen on page 1, paragraph 1 of my work “How has Television influence Han’s life” and my citations are in alphabetical order rather than randomly typed on the works cited page.
To keep the reader’s attention, organization is important for writing an essay because it keeps the reader’s focus.At the same time, proving that the writer can clearly present their thes...

... middle of paper ...

...y essay.
Over the course of the semester, my writing and understanding of the English knowledge has increased. However, my essays are still far from perfect since I still make mistakes, even ones I have previously made in the past. Despite the repeated mistakes, with repetition of rereading my previous drafts, I continue to see my mistakes and corrected them adjustly. My writing now has better organization, more respect towards sources and the MLA style, while maintaining simplicity in my finished essay. In addition, I will continue to improve in my writings with the help of online databases for proper citation and the repetition of rereading my old essays to correct for fluent sentence structure. Thanks to the revisions and multiple essays I wrote over the course of the semester, I can see myself improved in the vast knowledge of the English language since August.

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