My Experience With Learning Writing Essay

My Experience With Learning Writing Essay

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In my past experience with learning writing, I can group the ways I have been taught into three categories. I have learned by teaching myself how to write, have learned in an academic setting, and have learned through hands-on experience in a professional setting.
The first time that I attempted to write, as I know understand it, was for the purpose of writing a book. At the time, I was only ten years old, so it wound up being a series of short stories consisting of no more than a few pages each. I mostly taught myself how to write in this way. Before writing, I would read part of a book written for kids my age, and try to emulate the author’s voice.
What kept me writing in this way was the feedback I received from others. I showed them to my friends and family, and they would tell me how much they liked certain parts of the story. After receiving that feedback, I would then look back at the parts they mentioned, and try to write like I had in the “good” passages.
During this time, I also took it upon myself to put some of my writing online, on a site for literature written by teenagers. On this site, I connected with other writers of my age, and consistently read their work while receiving feedback on mine. While doing this, I taught myself to improve my writing in a similar way I did years ago, but this time focusing on certain aspects of literature and writing purely with them in mind. For example, I would sit down and write a story with the intention of it having excellent imagery. I would then post it online, and see how it was received by the editors of the site, and by other users. If I received praise from other users about the concept I was focusing on, I would consider that work a success. If it received an “Editor’s C...

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...s, producing written set-pieces that could be adapted to individual cases. A defendant in court would study the written speech and trust to his memory when appearing before the jury.” (Williams, 7). I would argue that the Sophists became better teachers and better writers by going outside their posts as teachers and writing for legal cases. The practice of doing this better helped them understand the craft so that they could better communicate it through their writing, and to their students.
I have learned writing in a variety of ways, and some methods proved to be more effective for me than others. Both in the history of writing, and in my personal experience, we are learning what methods work the best for the most people. In this class, I am looking forward to learning more about those methods, and about my own writing so that they can develop alongside one another.

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