Essay on My Experience With Learning Math

Essay on My Experience With Learning Math

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Math is a big part of our life and is used all the time, from handling money to telling time. However some people may have anxiety when they think about having to take a math class because they don’t like math, let alone some having to learn how to teach math. Everyone has a different experience and for some learning math comes easier than others. Thinking about math gives me anxiety and didn’t have the best experiences when it came to learning math. Knowing that I have to teach math makes me a little nervous but I am willing to make my experience a positive one.
Thinking back about my experiences when it came to learning math, I didn’t have the best experiences because I struggled to understand the different techniques and tools that are used when solving different equations. I do remember having a good experience when I was in elementary school because my teacher made my experience a fun experience by doing a lot of hands on activities. I am one that learns through hands on because I like to physically see what I am doing instead of problem solving in my head. My not so good experiences were when I was in high school and I was taking an algebra class. My teacher wasn’t the friendliest and that made it difficult to attempting to develop a relationship. The reason why I had a bad experience with this teacher was because after teaching a lesson and making sure the class understood the material he would move on the new material, and my classmates and I were very confused. The teacher told us that we would have to learn the material on our own and that he had to move on. I didn’t do well in this class because I wasn’t receiving the help that I needed in order for me to understand the material that was being taught.
In addition to me...

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... L. & Karp, K. & Bay-Williams, J. pg.24).” I think this is a great way for learners to be able to learn at their level and use what strategy works best for them, since not all of the students learn the same way, or at the same level.
In conclusion, I am looking forward to learning more about the common core standards and how I can implement them into my lesson plans. For my future I want my students to enjoy learning by me making it fun for them because I don’t want them to have a bad experience like I did at one point. It is also important for me to make adjustments if something isn’t working or if my students are showing me that they are bored. I am willing to work together with my future coworkers to learn more ideas or listen to different thoughts. I am willing to learn new things from this class and I can’t wait to use what I gain from this class in my future.

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