My Experience With Healthy Habit Changing Application Essay

My Experience With Healthy Habit Changing Application Essay

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Smart phones are a vast growing technological device that has helped many people shape the way they live their lives, utilizing it to do many daily activities ranging from professional, education or simply for fun and games. With the ongoing growth of end users, developers have been coming up with intriguing ideas and creations to use some applications through our smart devices to make our life easier, healthier and more organized. One of the applications that are available for smart phone users is health and habit changing process, which will help the user change their way from an unhealthy way of living to a more healthier and vivid life style. As a reflection on my experience with healthy habit changing application, I have utilized an application called Stepz, I realized the things I learned during my several weeks journey that could impact the way I live my every day life and possibly change a habit from one to another. The following is to describe what it took to monitor and change a behavior of mine were I have been able to manage to change my habit using the application Stepz.

This essay starts by presenting the health and fitness application. Then, I describe my experience in overall when using the application. After that, I discuss the experience and the application and my final conclusion.


It has been known that smartphones are equipped with powerful processors that provide users with similar functionalities as a wearable step count sensing devices. Because of the higher accessibility and widespread use, I chose to use step-counting application.


On iPhone 5, the Apple Health application has a very limit option to monitor and track ac...

... middle of paper ... myself how important is it to embrace intrinsic or extrinsic motivation? It has been found in SDT that people intrinsically motivated are more likely willing to engage in tasks. As soon as I figured out that choosing a key requirement for sustaining my motivation is by keeping things interesting and enjoyable while doing the required task, which is changing my behavior toward a better healthiness, I started implementing it in my day-to-day activity and I have seen much better results then from my previous experiences.


Human behaviors are shaped through a complex interplay of causes at different levels. In the field of behavioral change, several theoretical frameworks have been introduced and recognized. In my experience, the better way to express how I adopted the healthy behavior was a result from the social cognitive theory.

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