My Experience With Grief, Anger, Irritability, And Acceptance Essay

My Experience With Grief, Anger, Irritability, And Acceptance Essay

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A lot of people operate under the idea that grief is something that happens fluidly and takes no more than a few weeks or months. Grief is usually assigned to a deep feeling of loss from something physical or concrete. Sometimes, however, grief isn’t clear cut or easy to follow. The stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, can happen in any order, occur infinitely many times, and be a result of any life change.
When I moved to Flagstaff at age six, I struggled to make new friends. Because my parents were worried about me, they encouraged me to get involved in various activities to find other children with similar interests. I took piano lessons, joined the science team, and started staying late after school. One of these approaches may have worked had I been any form of outgoing, but I wasn’t. One day, my mom saw an advertisement for competitive cheerleading, and I asked if I would be interested in joining a new team. I said yes, and the first day of practice was the first time I can remember feeling confident. I made friends instantly, one of which i...

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