My Experience With English And Language Arts Classes Essay

My Experience With English And Language Arts Classes Essay

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Although my previous experiences with English and Language arts classes led me astray from the subject English in general, after taking English 131, I can definitively say that I am not only a better writer, but an improved person, ready to utilize my new-found skills to take on the challenges of my future. A class that seemed at first like a burden to my intended major, became by far the most crucial class I have taken this autumn quarter. I not only learned of ways to improve my writing, but ways to get more involved in society, and interact with the peers around me; skills that I never really valued until this quarter. I also realized how evident these skills pertained not only to becoming a better writer, but to becoming a better mechanical engineer. I learned that writing isn’t just a proficient essay, but how we communicate with others using specific genres and rhetorical devices to pertain to a specific audience; and why writing matters! Writing never seemed so intricate and scientific to me before this class; and now I really enjoy experimenting with different genres and rhetorical themes to see how I can express my feelings more efficiently. These are skills that I will not only implement into the rest of my college career, but the rest of my life, constructing rhetoric in the mechanical workplace.

Throughout the quarter, each of the four outcomes have taught me the various skills necessary for a writer to construct literature that is calculated, persuasive, and insightful.

Outcome 1, as stated earlier in this portfolio, was valued the most by myself. Outcome 1 explains the rhetorical skills required for a writer to be successful in a variety of different writing contexts, and how the writer adapts hi...

... middle of paper ...

...bining each aspect to create a finished product. This outcome can be utilized in all aspects of life, whether it be writing an email, a traditional letter, or even formulating code for machines. Rhetoric with mistakes will not be able to achieve the writers purpose, therefore it is vital for a writer to incorporate all aspects of outcome 4.
Professor Sara Lovett, I would like to take this time to say thank you for all the work you have done for not only myself, but for everyone in the class. Your care and love for each student in English 131 shined through in each lecture every morning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me so much more about writing and how to be a prominent figure in society, and creating a family like environment that made it easy to explore and develop ideas in class.

Thank you.


Kordell Newberg

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