Essay on My Experience With Carroll University 's General Education Program

Essay on My Experience With Carroll University 's General Education Program

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Overall, I think my experience with Carroll University’s General Education program as a whole has been a positive experience. The classes I have taken to fulfill the General Education requirements for Carroll’s program have, for the most part, been some of the most interesting classes I have taken at Carroll. Not only have these classes been interesting, but they have also been challenging and thought-provoking. One of my favorite parts of my General Education experience was when I actually got the chance to take a business course to fulfill one of the required distribution areas. I enjoyed this opportunity because it gave me the chance to see my major from a different perspective. Out of all of my General Education courses, this business course was the most applicable to my major and preferred career path. In the end, I enjoyed the courses I took and likely would not change any of them given the chance.
To answer the question of how my distribution courses helped me understand and analyze different viewpoints, I think it would be beneficial to focus on the course that had the biggest impact on my ability to do so. This course, an American History course, exposed me to a type of learning methodology that was different from what a business major like myself would be accustomed to. Like most majors in college, research for class work is usually required. However, for classes in the history field, a greater emphasis is placed on what/who the source is, what biases may exist, and whether the source is a primary or secondary source. For business majors, as long as the source is credible and relevant to the discussion, the source is usually considered a valid source. For historians, much more must be looked at when analyzing sources ...

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...with and truly showed off the group’s full potential. All this was accomplished despite each group member having very different backgrounds and initial ideas regarding the project.
Overall, I think my Carroll University education was an investment that will pay-off ten-fold throughout both my career and life. My ability to work with others, understand subjects and concepts that differ from my own area of expertise, and my ability to understand why others’ believe and behave the way they do has greatly improved over my time attending Carroll University. My hope is that when I enter the work-world, I will be able to effectively lead individuals who come from different backgrounds and have different skill-sets. My experiences at Carroll University have been a great way to start my journey of life-long learning and I look forward to what this journey has in store next.

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