My Experience With Basketball And Coaching Essay

My Experience With Basketball And Coaching Essay

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I’ve lived in North Dakota my entire life and received many opportunities from this privilege. With a limited number of kids in each school, I accepted multiple chances to play in sports, get a job, and be a part of many different organizations. With so many opportunities, I discovered a love for basketball and coaching. If I was never born in North Dakota, it’s very possible I wouldn’t have found my calling to coach and teach. Along the way I’ve grown as a leader through numerous activities, and I’m confident in my leadership skills. As a basketball player, coach, FCA/CRU leader, and future teacher, I believe I can lead at a high level and give back to the state that molded me into who I am today.
I joined basketball in seventh grade, and have been one of the smallest players, if not the smallest, on every team I’ve been a part of since then. As a point guard, I had to be the hardest worker, smartest, and best leader on the team to get playing time. I’ve always taken pride in the craft of basketball, and I’m usually the first one in the gym and the last one to leave. The long hours in the gym all by myself has given me a work ethic that a leader needs. I also take pride in being the smartest, which can be seen through the countless hours of film studying on myself and opponents. Being aware of the score and time during the game, along with keeping my turnovers extremely low are also complimentary to my basketball IQ. Even if I’m the hardest worker and smartest on the team, I would not be valuable to my team if I couldn’t lead. After not receiving much playing time most of my sophomore season of basketball in college, I never stopped supporting my teammates and leading them by example. With limited playing time, I spent more ho...

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...cess as a teacher and coach. One of the biggest reasons I decided to teach and coach is the opportunities I’ll have to lead younger people and make a positive impact on their lives.
Life is very short, and I want to live mine to the absolute fullest. Making an impact on other’s lives is something I take pride in as a basketball player, student, and future teacher and coach. Using my current leadership skills, I believe I’ll be very successful. Nothing would satisfy me more than giving back to the state of North Dakota and have a family here. I hope to be a figure of great influence that can make a positive impact on anyone I come in contact with. The younger generations that will come into my classroom and on my court will be the future of our great state and country. With my passion to learn and work hard, I will become a leader that will make North Dakota proud.

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