My Experience With A Person With An Open Mind Essay

My Experience With A Person With An Open Mind Essay

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As we take part on the journey known as life, we find ourselves incessantly interacting with people of similar or different beliefs that correspond or challenge our own. Whether it is an important job presentation or an informal party, we are surrounded with people of different religious faith, ethnicity, and social status. This constant interaction with other people will often present opportunities that allow us to grow personally with someone who may be a polar opposite of us. Although two people may walk their own unique paths, a person with an open mind can discover a whole different view of this aesthetic world and, perhaps, as a reward, develop a lifelong friendship with that person. Throughout my life, I have had the pleasure of meeting many unique individuals. One of these individuals stood out from the rest. His name is Raonaq Mia, and, although his beliefs differ from my own, I soon realized that I had a lot more in common with him than I ever imagined possible.
My initial encounter with Raonaq was during my freshman year in high school. The school that Raonaq and I w...

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