My Experience With A Foreign Language Essay

My Experience With A Foreign Language Essay

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By the time I became mature enough to listen, my grandmother always reminded me of one concept; education comes first. Despite this encouragement to work hard to receive my education, school and I didn 't take to each other straightaway. After struggling every day, for such long time, just to gain the knowledge of the basics, I knew something needed to change. Soon after carrying out some exploration into my reasons for struggling and putting in persistent effort, I realized I could progress in school. It became evident to me that I could succeed against anything I put my mind to.
During my first years of school, I was always the silent little girl in the back of the classroom. I would just sit there and put forth my best effort to listen to the teacher instruct the class on what seemed comparable to a foreign language. I was always too shy to ever ask for guidance when I had difficulty or didn 't understand something. I tried to be too self-sufficient rather than asking for assistance understanding everything. I yearned to understand it on my own without being that bothersome girl everybody hates for always asking stupid questions that seemed obvious to ever one else. In conclusion to keeping that mentality for some time, the inevitable substandard grades followed suit. Being in that situation, the more I failed, the more discouraged I became. I begin to honestly accept that I was just simply stupid and that there’s not a thing I was able to do about it. I remember coming home from school every day and lying to my parents about how my day went and how I was preforming just so I didn 't give rise to embarrassment that they would have if they knew they had a stupid child. As austere as both my parents took my education, I felt an...

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... due to this, which made me genuinely want to come to school and learn now that I actually now could. The awful feeling I used to have getting up to go to school every day was now gone and I was actually able to enjoy the way I spent my day. Every day got easier and easier which brought me to the realization that I was tremendously more than what I let myself think.
I have come to find out that I can overcome and succeed against any obstacle thrown my way if I put effort in. School never came naturally to me, however I didn 't let that hold me back. I knew I had no choice but to make a change in my life if I was going to go anywhere in life. With the support of others and perseverance, I found out I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Through all my trial and error, I was able to accomplish what I presumed impossible and I haven’t let anything hold me back since.

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