My Experience Watching A Live Theatre Essay

My Experience Watching A Live Theatre Essay

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My experience watching a live theatre performance on stage was a fascinating one, most especially since it was my first time. I attended a staged performance of “The History Boys” in a small theatre called “The Little Theatre of Alexandria” at 8:00 pm on Wednesday June 8, 2016 in Alexandria, Virginia. The overall production of the play was a resounding experience for me particularly the performance of the actors and the design of the scene made the play seem real.
I had a little bit of preparation by getting some useful information about the location of the theatre and most importantly about the history of the play including the playwright, the origination of the play, synopsis, and the year it was written and first performed. Preparing for the play in this way gave me an idea of what to expect and helped with my positive experience of the play itself. I entered the theatre about 15 minutes before time with the audience sitting and chit chatting with each other whiles all the lights in the auditorium were on. Right before the play was about to start, the lights for the auditorium went out while the place stood silent with all members of the audience focused on the stage with the stage lights on an actor in a wheel chair.
All the actors played their roles distinctively while making their characters believable by assimilating their voices, costumes and actions to look very much like real students and staff as portrayed in the play. The entire play consisted of twelve actors/ actress with eight as students and four as staff members including one female staff member. All the performers were successful in their roles since they were eloquent, assertive and did great in their actions. However, there was one particular performer, who pla...

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... the lights were so bright especially when the students were having a debate or when there was a discussion going. The intensity of the lights was reduced when one performer appeared on stage to narrate an action to the audience while the main light was focused on that performer. The faces of the performers were easily seen supporting the fact that there was an effective lighting system.
My overall experience of the performance was very positive and I was particularly moved by a scene when Mr. Hector was crying and was consoled by one of his students. I was amazed at the scene where the headmaster spotted one the students (Dakin) with his pants dropped to his knee and I expected him to face disciplinary measures. Watching this play made me realize how entertaining live plays can be and has changed my perception about live plays which I originally thought was boring.

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