Essay on My Experience Of Poverty And Poverty

Essay on My Experience Of Poverty And Poverty

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I spent this past weekend in Waco, Texas, home to Baylor University, but as you can see to the left, I wasn 't there for the Baylor Bears. I spent the weekend in the slums of Waco, home to Mission Waco; a poverty simulation for people to experience what poverty is like for a weekend in the fourth poorest city in Texas. Unfortunately I can 't tell you everything Mission Waco did to impart the experience of poverty to bestow on me knowledge and life of poverty. Similar to my experience in Haiti, I recommend going to know and understand, but unlike my experience in Haiti, I 'm not allowed to share and translate what should you expect if you decide to take it upon yourself to experience poverty in the states.
However, I can share the statistics of global poverty and the definition of poverty that should shake us out of our selfish and ambitious American Dream, but instead has many turn a blind eye to ignorance and/or a comfortable, "I know" attitude.

–As a side note, when I hear the word statistics I usually assume its association with the word stereotype.–

Poverty affects 51% of the population, while extreme poverty affects 26% and that leaves 23% of the population not dwelling in poverty. 22,000 people die each year because of poverty, and that number is primarily comprised of children under the age of 5. The cause is lack of proper nutrition and access of clean water, while a small percent is actually caused because of eradicated, preventable or curable diseases to most first-world countries. Poverty is an injustice, but people fight for equality of marriage as though justice is deserved in the right to marriage, or in the United States ' second amendment to bear arms is fought for as the only system of personal justice and p...

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... bedroom and we went from a 760 sq ft house to 1000 sq ft house, 1100 sq ft to 1200 sq ft and finally to a 2400 sq ft home. We had animals, such as 3 horses, because we could afford them because my mom worked a government job for the town of Estancia, and my dad was a prison guard. All under the expense of family time, and I remember at 10 and 11 my sisters and I took care of ourselves and farm animals and I know some people have that life from the beginning, but not my sisters and I. Although we spent time together on Sundays, it was still a life change that left me hurt. Even though I knew my parents worked 8 miles away I felt 800 miles away from them sometimes. To this day I still carry the hurt of hatred of New Mexico even though my parents did what was best for me even though we moved to a statistically poorer state just to better a future for my sisters and me.

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