My Experience During The Past Two Simulations Essay

My Experience During The Past Two Simulations Essay

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My experience during the past two simulations has been very positive and insightful. Typically, I have a longer adjustment period than most for getting comfortable with a new environment and think that my actions during this exercise reflected that. While I have always been aware of this, I have not always been aware of the effects this can cause on a group’s performance. Kozlowski and Ilgen’s passage about the collective mind and the relationship to Mulvey, Veiga, and Elsass’ work on self-limiting behavior strongly resonated with me because it helped me to realize that, although it may be personally more comfortable for me, self-limiting holds back the collective knowledge of the group and its access to my unique experience and skills. As a team member, I was self-limiting because I lacked confidence in my ability to contribute because my background from the military was not particularly relevant to the situation. I have quickly realized, however, that my critical thinking skills and creativity are just as valuable to the team in problem-solving and will not hold back to contributing as we move forward. As a leader in the military, self-limiting was a trait that I learned to embrace: I leaned heavily on the presence of others with expertise and was typically rewarded. Junior officers are taught to solicit and entrust the input from their more experienced enlisted counterparts for decision-making. While there are checks and critical thinking required in the decision-making process, building on the input of those with expertise and allowing them the opportunity to influence decisions typically resulted in better relationships, trust in leadership, team cohesion and increased performance. Through this simulation and the cou...

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... retrospect, someone should have noticed the member’s anxiety and frustration and addressed it. Instead, people had begun reviewing the year’s news and individual tasks to be completed. When the group check-in began minutes later, it was obvious that the frustrated member was still, in fact, frustrated, and that frustration had spread to several members of the group who were not initially impacted by the previous year’s results. While our group was able to recognize this, address it, and move forward, we did lose critical time and productivity. Moving forward, I plan on making an effort to be more aware of not just the overall morale of the group, but that of specific individuals. Being able to read the body-language, tone of voice, and micro expressions of team members will allow us to more quickly diagnose potential issues and address them before they spread.

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