My Experience During The English 1301 Course Essay

My Experience During The English 1301 Course Essay

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Justina Brasuel –
In this semester, I had to take the English 1301 course. However, I did not see myself liking this course and did not have the best attitude towards it. This course changed my overall experience with writing. In the course I gained so much knowledge that I did not see myself learning. This essay will help analyze my experience throughout the entire journey. It will help understand how I became the writer I am today. Over the last several weeks, I have grown into a great writer that I did not see myself as.
The first essay given in this course was about our whole composing process. This essay was hard to write about and I remember having several grammar mistakes. Sitting down and writing my process on paper, actually made me realize what I was doing wrong. It changed my entire mind about writing. I knew this whole time that was overthinking all the essays that were given to me in the past. This was the first essay in my entire experience, that helped me understand how writing does not have to be that difficult. The essay is when I learned that in order to actually write a paper, you have to have a composing process. Writing about my composing process was the first step into this course, that helped me established my writing techniques and skills.
Another great lesson I learned from this course was how to cite in-text quotations and how to create a work cited page. The second essay in the course is where we needed to cite in-text quotations. Psychologically, I knew that I was going to fail, because I did not know how to do this.I sent in the second essay knowing I did not do it correctly. This is when I truly learned how to cite. I remember getting my grade back and my professor giving...

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...irst independent research assignment I have done. I learned how to use the internet to research a topic, how to access library databases, and how to summarize articles. I also learned how to pull information out of an article and use it in my own writing. Citing quotes, and proper format is something that will help me in my future education and my future career. This course has helped me grow as a writer, and after completing this course I feel I am very well prepared for the next level college writing course.
In conclusion, this course has helped me grow as a writer, and I have definitely gained knowledge, and skills that will help me in the future. This English class has been a great benefit to me, and has helped me gain confidence in my thinking and writing. At first it was a little overwhelming but it was well worth it. I appreciate the opportunity to learn.

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