My Experience At William Penn University Essay

My Experience At William Penn University Essay

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My experience so far at William Penn University has been a roller coaster ride. It has had its ups and downs similar to any other new experience to a person. As a freshman it takes some adjusting to get used to the style, especially when I have had the support from my parents for a long time. I have had moments here that I have enjoyed, and other ones that I would rather not have to deal with. It has been a full 7 weeks, but it definitely has been an experience I will need in the future and it is better to learn it now than later on down the road.
One of the biggest thing that was a big change was going away, and not living at home. I have never been on an extended stay away from home, and I’m enjoying it to an extent. It is nice not having parents nagging at you to do this or that, but sometimes it was necessary. I have to take the initiative to wash my laundry, clean the room, and other things that I took for granted at home. Another thing that I miss is having the social aspect of the family. I liked being able to talk to my parents about everything. Even though, we can still do that over the phone it doesn’t feel the same. I don’t like driving myself everywhere for bare necessities either, but it is a part of growing up which I needed to learn eventually. The other thing that I miss is working. I used to work, and I liked that paycheck every two weeks. For me it is hard to adjust to not have a steady flow of money coming in, and keeping on a budget more strictly than before. Otherwise, I have enjoyed my life from home, but if I get homesick I am just 2 and half hours away which makes it easy to handle situations with the family. Living here has its advantage and disadvantages and I personally will have to get used to that a...

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...enjoyed being able to talk and discuss about subjects more personally. I think that I enjoyed the ease in transitions to college classes, and they were better than expected. It may not technically transfer to real life, but the classroom setting and aspects about it is wonderful here, and I will need experience in some regard in the real world.
My college experience so far has been a journey to say the least. I have enjoyed some aspects of it and others I have not. The experience is to prepare adults to be actually adults, which I think every person has to deal with one way or another. It may not be fun at times, but it is one step of the journey to becoming a fulfilled person in my eyes. William Penn University has shown me both sides of that which I think really opens my eyes to the opportunities and other experiences that will soon come as I mature into an adult.

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