My Experience At Virginia Beach Vacation Essay

My Experience At Virginia Beach Vacation Essay

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The first thing I heard was Virginia Beach vacation, and then in excitement I ran and got my stuff and started to pack. The part I was most excited about was that the hotel is a beachfront hotel room.I was so excited because I love the beach and I really wanted to go back to the beachfront hotel and stay there. I went there when I was in second grade. I have gotten to go there a few times since second grade, but I did not get to stay there overnight.

I do not remember much, but what I remember is that I had a lot of fun, got to see a beautiful sunset, and got to play in the beach for a long time, and then I have to roam Boardwalk and go shopping with my family. I finally get to go back and make fun and memorable memories.

First thing I do is, I start to pack my clothes and all my sand toys. I go into my attic to get my sand toys, and my horrible vacation started there. All the sand toys were crushed and broken, by the Christmas tree that we put in the attic. I know that it was just a couple of sand toys, but I had such good memories with them, since I was a kid. Therefore, I could not bring those toys, and have to buy new ones at the beach.

Then I packed the rest of my stuff, still feeling bad about the toys. After all the packing was done, I loaded all the stuff in the car. I rushed my parents in the car as fast as I could.

Then the car started, the car ride was cool, I saw a lot of the countryside and many farm animals. I also saw some weird shaped houses in a small town, even though they were small and painted in odd colors; they still had their own cool theme and feeling to them that made them seem nice. Then it became lunchtime and we stopped at some sub shop. The shop looked very sketchy; it had a weird feeling ...

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... in the car. We took the car and parked it closer to some of the shops that we were going to shop in boardwalk, like some painting stores.

We got down and walked like five blocks because there were no parking spaces near the painting stores available. Then it started to pour down heavily. I quickly ran inside the store. We took the paintings that we needed and put them in the car. I could not go shopping for stuff I needed, like some toys that are sold here. We left the store and we stopped at an Italian restaurant near the beach, so we would not have to stop halfway during the ride.

There was a 30 minutes wait, and we waited and the food came. The food there was oily and little bit soggy. Then we left the restaurant and started to drive home. Overall, it was not a bad vacation, but the food was not good, and I could not do many of the usual fun things that I do.

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