My Experience At The University Essay

My Experience At The University Essay

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Growing up, I always dreamed of going to college. At first I did not know what college was until m church introduce me to it. My church used to take the young people on youth day at a University. After visiting the campus, I started looking at different colleges and universities. My senior year in High School, I applied to eight different colleges and only three accepted me. Out of those three, I choose Coastal Carolina University as my undergraduate because I wanted to start fresh and meet new people. My undergraduate was a struggle. I did not get to stay in the regular dorms as normal freshmen, I lived in an apartment. It limited my experience of all the activities that were happening on campus. I did set goals for myself, but some I fell short too.
My goals were to stay ahead of my school work and do not fall into the partying lifestyle that everyone was talking about. I stayed ahead, but I did not think it was good enough for my professor. I had goals of becoming a great lawyer and being successful. My mind was in it, but my heart was not. Being a political science major had me feeling like I was not good enough and that I was not trying my best. I felt alone and that I did not have any friends and it causes an effect on my journey. I started slacking on my work which started reflecting on my grades. Then I had a sit down with one of my professor, family members and my academic advisor about my studies. I was then introduced to Communication and fell in love with the courses of speaking in public and being a journalist. A major change help me realize my passion for media and how I can help people more because I can do webinars and seminars in person or not in person. Since I change my atmosphere and I enjoyed my new major m...

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...and movies, that is how I though college life would turn out to be. In movies, they do not show the work ethic; it shows the fun times in college and some difficult problems that needed to be solved. My experience taught me a lot and I shared it with other students who may go through the same struggles that I have faced. College teaches you somewhat about adulthood, but everything is up to you to find out that you really are and the major that fits best. It took me three years to determine that Political Science was not for me and that I wanted a different path. I choose Communication because it was various career paths in the field. I wanted to have my own TV show and business. College is only what you make of it. College can be better in so many ways, but you have to push yourself to be noticed and to start a journey that you do not want to forget and not regret.

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