Essay about My Experience At The University Of Northern Iowa

Essay about My Experience At The University Of Northern Iowa

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Before I started my undergraduate degree at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI), my worldview consisted of a conservative town in Iowa where skipping church was considered unacceptable and diversity meant there were less than ten minority students in a high school of 500. Going into UNI, I decided to stay true to my 19 years of conservative upbringing and not allow myself to become enmeshed in other viewpoints, so I could stay a part of the community I had grown to know so well. This goal slowly dissipated throughout my first semester. Getting involved in the Residence Hall Association, Peer Mentoring, National Residence Hall Honorary, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, Peer Academic Advisor in Residence and Resident Assistant, I started consistently gaining broader experiences and viewpoints. I became cognizant that allowing one’s self to be willing to participate in new differing experiences is essential to developing into an individual who is capable to understand people and circumstances.
Through my time at UNI, I have discovered the importance of meeting people where they are at, wheth...

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