My Experience At The University Of Houston Essay

My Experience At The University Of Houston Essay

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Growing up, my family and friends recognized my fascination with learning math and helping others with it. I find mathematics appealing, since math has always been fun problem solving and discovering many methods to answer a question, and because I get to share the amusement and the process with others. Because I was good at math, it seemed like a natural decision to become a high school math teacher, at the time. After graduating high school, I attended Weatherford Community College for two years, and then transferred to the University of Houston. At the University of Houston, I quickly learned that there are several opportunities in mathematics besides teaching in high school, and those opportunities, which often involve problem solving, discovery, and creating new mathematics, seemed much more exciting to me. One of the courses that first exposed me to many of these opportunities was Transition to Advanced Mathematics. This course was vastly different from my previous math courses, which were highly computational. Each theorem or example discussed in class was derived from basic definitions, and the ability to build mathematics from fundamental axioms blew my mind. This is when my career goal changed to becoming a mathematics professor and earning a Ph.D. Beforehand, I was under the impression that the job of a professor consisted of one component: teaching. However, by meeting and conversing with graduate students and professors, I learned about the multiple facets of a professor’s work, and that research and teaching complement one another. The idea of combining these two components is appealing to me because they correspond to the things I find alluring, such as solving problems and sharing my knowledge of mathematics with o...

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...ole models and support networks are important to me and I realize the positive effects they have on success. I will continue to seek these significant success factors out in graduate school, and I want to provide them to others. The past two years, I have worked extremely hard to learn as much mathematics as I could and prepare myself for graduate school. I am very excited to begin my graduate studies so that I can learn more mathematics, have more research opportunities, and hone my craft as a teacher. I am eagerly anticipating beginning graduate school and discovering new opportunities and new ways I can contribute to mathematics. The opportunity to participate in the EDGE program is more than just connecting undergraduate to graduate studies, but it is also where I can connect to other females with similar interests and grow as a mathematician and as an individual.

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