My Experience At The University Of Hawaii At Manoa Essay

My Experience At The University Of Hawaii At Manoa Essay

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For as long as I can remember, education has always been a priority and a blessing in my life. I come from a family who worked their way to America to establish a better life for their future. My grandparents worked hard to get my parents to America and my parents worked hard to keep our family in America. I’ve kept those values close to my heart and I love how hard my family worked for their future. Because I come from a family who had to work and wasn’t privileged to get an education, I keep that in the back of my head to motivate and drive me to excel in school at the highest level. I have been fortunate to continue my education at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and I plan to keep learning and studying to get good grades to set up my future and my future family’s future as well. My family is the main reason for my vision to graduate college next semester and quickly apply for an internship program at Kapiolani Women’s and Children’s Hospital to establish myself and give back to my family and set up a successful future for my boyfriend and I.
In order to achieve my vision of graduating college and applying for my internship at Kapiolani Women’s and Children’s Hospital, a vision community needs to be established. A vision community will aid in turning my vision into a reality. Vision communities are essential because without the support and contribution from the community, there is no chance for the vision to be accomplished. For my specific vision I chose my mom, dad, boyfriend and classmates as members of my vision community. I chose these people as the members for my vision community because they are important in my life in terms of support and other factors that determine the fate of my vision, which I will soon describe...

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...our personal vision community to attain that goal. Having all members of your vision community on the same page in terms of having an understanding of the vision is also important because being on the same page will help ensure the probability of the vision becoming attainable. Some factors that will be needed in choosing and keeping a vision community together is interdependence, sense of belonging, structure of the group, interactions, influences, and motivations for being a part of the group. These factors were all information provided by the Laulima module. Also, being committed to the vision community serves an importance as well. If everyone in my vision community can come together and contribute to my vision, I will graduate next Spring semester with my undergraduate degree and will be able to secure an internship at Kapiolani Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

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