My Experience At The Student Recreation Center Essay

My Experience At The Student Recreation Center Essay

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For this analysis I chose to have a discussion with someone I didn’t know well and then turn around and have the same discussion with someone I did know well. I felt doing this question would be a better fit for me because i 'm a very outgoing person and people love to converse with me. Between walking around campus, going to events on campus, or in class, I come in contact with several new faces all the time. The person I choose to use for this analysis was a girl I met at the student recreation center. For the most part, every time I got to work out and play basketball I always see this same girl and we’d sometimes play ball together. I felt as though she’d be the perfect fit for this assignment. Her and I have an impersonal relationship as of now. This basically means that we know of each other and speak when we’re at the gym but outside of being at the gym we don 't speak.
The following day after receiving this assignment I went to the Rec and ran right into her as I expected. We spoke to one another then went our separate ways but then met back up downstairs to shoot around. We did this for about half an hour. The things we discussed while shooting was basically about basketball, getting to know more about one another, and plans for spring break. I decided not to tell her that I was having this conversation with her just for an assignment. I felt the conversation would just flow better without out us having to think of certain things to talk about for 20 minutes. Also, I did not want to make things akward or have her feel as though i was using her.
Later on in the day I held the same conversation with my friend Quay. I feel as though this time around it was much more of a challenge for me. Quay is not really a sports fan or ...

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...n the communicators. There 's no established relationship between Teaira and I so I wasn’t as comfortable as I was with Quay. With Teaira I seemed more anxious and excited to hear new things, but with Quay it felt as though I already knew what her responses would be so everything felt redundant and I wasn’t as interested.
From this analysis, I learned that the level of relationship you have with a specific person can really reflect on your communication with them. I was able to realize that in some situations I found myself more effectively communicating with someone I had an impersonal relationship due to the fact that we were able to relate with one another in certain areas. But when i communicate with someone I have a more personal relationship with we’re able to communicate just as effeictevely no matter what the area was because we’re familiar with one another.

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