My Experience At The Shield Institute For Twenty Four Years As A Special Education Teacher

My Experience At The Shield Institute For Twenty Four Years As A Special Education Teacher

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For the veteran teacher interview, I interviewed my mother, Christine. She has worked at the Shield Institute for twenty-four years as a Special Education Teacher. As both a mother and a teacher, she has always been a source of inspiration in my life. Her dedication, love for children, and extensive knowledge have persevered throughout her career and served as her strength. This interview was much more informal and comfortable than the first, given the fact that I have a personal relationship with the interviewee. However, that didn’t make the interview any less important or valuable as a source of strength and motivation.
The first two questions in the interview were “How have education methods changed since you started teaching?” and “Has teaching become easier or harder for you since you started teaching?” Her responses to these questions were rather expectable given what people frequently see and hear about teachers. She said, “The methods of education have become more detailed than when I first began teaching. There is more guidance now than before. Expectations are spelled out in a much more concise way than they were twenty-four years ago. There are much more references and materials available in books and the internet today than there were when I began” This answer contains so much careful thought and contemplation on current events and situations. She is entirely on the mark, as well. Teachers, students, and schools as a whole are much more advanced and connected than they were over twenty years ago. There is so much more effort, dedication, and time given into creating lesson plans, assessments, and in bonding with students. This is also partially due to having much more information and resources to go on. In this day ...

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...till enjoy my time with my students. Possibly in the next ten to fifteen years I may be interested in moving into a senior position.” This demonstrates an extraordinary level of confidence, dedication, and contentment for the position she is at in her career. Mom finds happiness in teaching and connecting with children; to be able to make a difference in the lives of people so young. Just because you have the opportunity to move forward in your career, doesn’t mean you necessarily should. “Further” doesn’t always mean “improved,” and being content with where you are can often be the best route for a teacher. Teachers should always strive for personal improvement, but not essentially improvement in their job placement. Being able to comprehend the latest technology, find joy in teaching, and be content in one’s career position in key to the ongoing life of a teacher.

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